PP Basket Strainer

Tags: dirt line drain

Product description

PP BASKET STRAINER DESCRIPTION: We are manufacturer PP Basket Strainer in ahmedabad. We are supplier PP Basket Strainer in ahmedabad In many corrosive or sensitive process media straining applications, plastic is the preferred material of construction for a basket strainer. Moulded basket strainers are resistant to a wide variety of corrosive acids and other aggressive materials. They will work in applications that may require a much more expensive exotic alloy – if one were easily available. Their plastic constructions ensure that they will not contaminate sensitive process media such as photographic chemicals and de-ionized water. FEATURES: • Available in screwed as well as flanged connection • Hydraulically tested to 5 Kg/cm² • Excellent corrosion resistance • No process media contamination • Hand removable cover till size 100 mm • In line design • Optional threaded drain • No painting or coating required to survive a difficult environment • Removing debris and dirt from the process liquids

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