PVDF Cetrifugal Process Pump

Product description

We are manufacturer PVDF Cetrifugal Process Pump in ahmedabad. We are supplier PVDF Cetrifugal Process Pump in ahmedabad.The fluorinated polymers are widely appreciated for their remarkable chemical inertness and their excellent resistance to aging. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) offer the specific advantages of ease processing in accordance with all the convention methods use in a plastic industry.PVDF; Polymerized, according to its own special process , offer a high degree of crystallinity to the that by other processes, resulting among other things in superior thermo-mechanical properties. The intrinsic technical superiority is one of the reasons for the success of which PVDF has achieved on the world marker for more than 20 years. But nothing is possible without a genuine quality assurance policy which Nirmala pumps & Equipments Follows with their efforts for total quality management over their products & services. Special Properties of PVDF Resistance to most chemicals & solvents High thermal stability Mechanical strength at elevated temperature High purity High abrasion resistance Resistance to sunlight Resistance to nuclear radiation Low flame & smoke characteristics Resistance to fungus Low permeability to most gases & liquids Readily processible, formable & weld able. Advantages Tried & tested chemical process pump desighn for rough condition. Thick walled vaccum-proof PVDF housing in one piece. Therefore no additional sealing points in the pump housing. PVDF casing liner completely encapsulated in strong cast iron casing armour Replaceable PVDF Casing liner-reduces the maintenance cost. Pipe-line forces are absorbed by cast iron armour. Also suitable for high system pressure . Flange with through holes meeting the requirement of the chemical industries. Semi-open PVDF impeller reinforced by large metal insert Smooth running & long service life of Mechanical seals, thanks to the particularly heavy duty bearing pedestal. Modular system ensuring economical parts stocking . Available in 1440 as well 2900 rpm. Flow rate up to 400 m3/hr. Head upto-100mts. Back pull out design ease of maintenance. A performance test report is submitted with each pump. Consulting & servicing by specialists.

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